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Where to start…

I am fairly excited about my first “real” blog post. Then again, I don’t want to spend a ton of time obsessing over the fact that this is exactly that, my first “real” post. Haha, that makes sense, right? No? Okay, needless to say, I might be a little over excited… and possibly overthinking, so I will dive right in.

Have you ever woke up and thought “ugh, I don’t want to do today”, or generally thought that ignoring the alarm and going back to sleep would somehow make waking up a second time, easier? Let’s be honest, we have all had mornings like that. For me personally, probably more than I would like to admit. Most people refer to it as the as the dreaded Monday morning. For me it was always trying to get five kids out the door on Tuesday morning for tumble class. Why I ever thought that was a good idea, is beyond me. I think in the future we will keep those classes scheduled for evening classes, because… my sanity matters.

Needless to say, I am not a morning person. I like my late nights, later mornings, black out curtains, noise fans… all of it. I like to sleep. Unfortunately, my husband is a morning person. He enjoys watching the sunrise, the smell of coffee (yuck), and smiling bright and early in the morning. Yeah, he is one of those. I am currently watching him do morning chores with a cup of coffee in his hand and a smile on his face. I know, it’s not normal. It can’t be, or can it? This is where I am at now. I am trying early mornings, being more productive, and teaching our kids to get out of bed in the morning. At the moment our nearly ten year old is making his objections well known. Poor kid, I feel for him… quite literally. My brain is saying “why are we up, whats going on?”. My eyes might be objecting to the glare on my laptop as well… all the while, here I am. In the midst of our morning objections, our seven year old is excitedly doing her morning chores along side her dad. Yep, her daddy’s genetics are winning out there. My loving husband has now moved on to explaining to our nine year old the benefits of waking up early. All the while, said nine year old has put on a dark hoodie, and pulled it over his head. Yep, there I am, I can see myself in him clearly in this moment.

You see, my husband was raised by two loving parents, who are morning people. They enjoyed going to bed at nine at night, and waking up by 6:30 in the morning, at the latest. I was raised by two loving parents as well, only mine were not morning people. Well, I will give it to my dad, he actually was. Just not so much my mom, I have her genetics. I am blaming her for my current state of disdain. My husband and I were both homeschooled, so we were taught to live on our parents schedules. His parents had a bright and early schedule, my parents were Registered Nurses who worked nights. With that said, we slept in… a lot. My mom tried to make a wake up schedule for my older sister and I several times, I think it worked better for her than it did us. We learned how to sleep in and crack out our “morning routine” before mom woke up. It was a win/win, we got our sleep and the “routine” was completed for mom. Worked great, right? Wrong. I can try and say we completed that routine daily, but that would be a lie. Did it happen on occasion? Sure, but only because my older sister made me. She likes charts, they motivated her. I know, she is weird.

All of this brings me to today. Morning person meets non-morning person, and what will work best for our kiddos. If I am being 100% honest, I know his way is better. Although I will say, I was a little proud of him when he hit the snooze button multiple times on the alarm this morning. Yup, I have worn off on him just a little bit. I will hug myself for that later. As for today, the kids are up… well half of them. We have agreed to let the toddlers/youngsters sleep a little later. No one needs a raging one, three, and four year old this early in the morning. So they can learn about routine later. For now, we will only torture our nine and seven year olds.

In all honesty, I am actually excited about this change. I know, I am shocked too. Once I get past the initial angst of waking up, I do enjoy mornings. There is something peaceful about them. Although, that may change as we continue to wake the kids up. For now, it is nice. The sunrise really is beautiful. I promise, I have seen it before today. Morning productivity is pretty awesome, too. My husband and I homeschool our children, and we prefer for daily schoolwork to be done by noon each day. This leaves lots of time for playtime, being a kid, and just doing life. I am excited about this choice, mostly for our kids. I know it will be good for them to get up and experience the full day.

With all of that said, welcome to early mornings, with me! A time that I look forward to my morning devotionals, quite time, and blogging. I hope you have enjoyed my first “real” blog post. Subscribe below to make sure you don’t miss any of my future post! I look forward to sharing more of my life with you.

I pray many blessings over all of you today. May God’s blessings pour over you as you go about your own daily tasks.

3 thoughts on “Where to start…”

  1. Love it Hilary! We are late night/late morning people around here. I can get up and around in the mornings fairly easy but I usually start to drag by late afternoon when I do that. With Keith driving an hour or more to the office he doesn’t get home some nights until 8 (usually 7 ish) so we eat late so we can eat together…which means bedtime is late too. I’m happy if the kids are all in bed with lights out by 10! LOL! Sunday mornings are hard for us (now I understand why we usually arrive about the same time ya’ll do haha!).


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